At Gauchos Do Sul Brazilian Steakhouse, traditional Brazilian cooking is paired with a unique style of service. The restaurant, which opened in Vintage Park in October 2016, is jointly owned by Ledersan Erdmann and Diason Cima, both of whom hail from Brazil.

The meats are slow-cooked over an open fire, which is a barbecuing method that dates back to the 15th century when Gauchos, or cattlemen of South America, cooked their meat outside while working in pastures far from home, according to Erdmann. It is still a culinary staple for many families in southern Brazil, including Erdmann’s, he said.

“The way that we serve in the restaurant is exactly the way my family gathers in Brazil. We do the big fire pit, all the meats in the skewers,” Erdmann said. “I was raised on this concept.”

Meats are offered in 15 different cuts of beef, pork, chicken, and lamb, and they are served on skewers that are carried table to table.

“In Brazil, we love meat. We eat meat pretty much every day … so we get tired of the same meat,” Erdmann said. “So that’s why they started serving a variety. Instead of one cut, we have a selection of meat on the plate.”

To keep the dishes coming, customers place the green-side of a card on the table. When they are done, they flip it over to display the red side.

“The unique part is you’re not going to have only one thing in front of you. You have a variety of meats,” Erdmann said, adding this mode of service, which is called rodìzio in Portuguese and means ‘continuous service,’ helps customers to not rush and to appreciate their meal.

In addition, Gauchos Do Sol accommodates for intimate dining as well as private and corporate events. The restaurant offers a wine room, which is a small, secluded room that seats up to 12 guests; a vintage room that can serve 58 customers; and a conference room, which is equipped with a 110-inch screen projector and has room for 80 patrons.

The restaurant also features a variety of live music Wednesday through Saturday as well as happy hour every weekday, Erdmann said.

– By Eva Vigh


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