Gauchos Do Sul

Travis Martin

Brazilian Steakhouse

Passion • Flavor • Tradition

If you grew up in the United States then you likely know stories of cowboys roaming the countryside, keeping watch over their cattle and working the land. They would often cover thousands of unfenced miles. Cowboys are a part of the history of this land. Their mark on society is evident. From clothing styles to chili, recreation and work Certainly, nowhere more than Texas. The iconic cowboy is around every street corner in both small town and large urban sprawls.

Partners Ledersan Erdmann and Daison Cima, both of whom hail from Brazil, grew up with tales of a similar group of countryside nomads. Back in the 16th and 17th centuries the great plains of Argentina, Uruguay and Southern Brazil were patrolled and worked by the rugged, brave and skilled horsemen known as Gauchos. And just like the cowboys of North America, Gauchos were larger than life and tales of Gauchos adventures became legends. Their way of life engrained in the culture of their ancestors and all people in the regions. They lived simply and spent their lives under the stars tending to their livestock. Evenings gathered around campfires and cooking their meals over big open pits while retelling adventures from the day that was. And because their diets consisted largely of meat, they mastered a barbecue style of cooking and preparation that has been handed down over generations. Used in every small and large kitchen across the country. In homes and in restaurants. A tradition and style that partners Erdmann and Cima have masterfully recreated in their restaurant, Gauchos Do Sul. Located just north of Houston in Vintage Park, Gauchos Do Sul has gained a reputation for their great flavors and unique style of service and owners Ledersan and Daison for their passion and commitment to authenticity.

Coming to Gauchos is a choose your own culinary adventure. With a variety of cuts prepared over open flame in a large pit and offered within each meal, just as the Gauchos used to do. Continuous service, or rodizio in Portuguese, keeps the meat coming through a unique form of service where the patron simply turns a card on their table over from red to green to indicate they are ready for more meats. Allowing you to eat at your pace and enjoy your meal fully. Whether your favorite cut comes from beef, pork, chicken or lamb, Gauchos Do Sul uses four centuries of flavors and traditions to give your taste buds the experience you are looking for. That is their passion. Marrying tradition and flavor with the refinement of modern cuisine. And as you step through the threshold you will immediately know you are in for something special.

For those looking for more private dining, Gauchos Do Sul offers their cozy wine room for an intimate one on one service of groups up to 12. You will dine like royalty while surrounded by an extensive selection of wines from around the world. And for larger groups, you can choose their Vintage Room with seating up to 58 or their fully functional Conference Room, including large projection screen, for seating up to 80. With a variety of layouts and multiple rooms to choose from, Gauchos Do Sul will accommodate with sophistication and comfort no matter the size of the group.

Don’t have plans for Thanksgiving Dinner? Spend Thanksgiving Day at Gauchos. The Holidays are about family and Gauchos Do Sul wants to give your family a unique holiday experience. Gauchos Do Sul will be open Thanksgiving Day offering a twist on the holiday classic. Come enjoy all the traditional trimmings of Thanksgiving along with your choice of any of their 15 select cuts.

Perhaps you would care to end your evening with an after-dinner drink. A spot to enjoy a little live music and livelier conversation. Bar 126 at Gauchos offers knowledgeable staff, specialty drinks and on four evenings a week (Wednesday through Saturday) live piano music and Happy Hour Monday through Friday and on Sunday. The same quality and care taken in preparing the meals at Gauchos is evident in the specialty drinks and appetizers in Bar 126.

Houston is a city widely known for its restaurant scene. Quantity as much as quality. Gauchos Do Sul is all quality. By offering its customers an authentic Brazilian experience steeped in one of its oldest cultural traditions, they have established themselves as a must on everyone’s restaurant list.

Gauchos Do Sul 126 Vintage Park Blvd Ste H Houston, TX 77070 (832) 953-2398


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